Turning Wounds Into Wisdom

A Free Course On How To Share Your Mental Health Story With Impact & Authority

Your Pain Has A Purpose...

Let me be the one to tell you that whatever you suffered through happened for a reason. All pain has purpose. Learn how to turn your pain into a purpose-driven business through my free online course Turning Wounds Into Wisdom.

Learn how to use your past experiences with mental illness to launch a MOVEMENT

You're going to learn...

πŸ’• How suffering doesn't define you and why you are so much more than the events of your past

πŸ’• How to create a movement by raising awareness, sharing your story, and becoming a face of hope and inspiration

πŸ’• That you can accomplish ANYTHING, regardless of what the rest of the world may be telling you

πŸ’• How embracing the practice of self-love and focusing on self-care is essential to this journey

"Everyone has a story, yet so few share it. Marissa's course gives you the tools to not only share your journey, but do so effectively. Learn to help others (and yourself) with Marissa's engaging and informative course."

- Jeff Fink, Founder, Go Fetch Wellness

Your Instructor

Marissa Pane
Marissa Pane

I'm a confidence coach for aspiring change-makers. I'm here to help women who have survived rock bottom and are dedicated to transforming their mess into their message. I will give you the tools to find your inner strength and help you gain a new sense of courage so you can become the change-maker you were born to be!

"Love the lessons, your message and everything you’re sharing."

- Lori B., Turning Wounds Into Wisdom Student

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